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Is ‘Heroine’ based on Aishwarya’s pregnancy?

On the sets of Heroine, Kareena Kapoor was spotted with a baby bump. As soon as her photo with the baby bump were out on the net, rumor mills started their work. Yes! Rumors had it that the film ‘Heroine’ is based on Aishwarya Rai, who walked out of the movie after her pregnancy announcement.
Though the director of the movie Madhur Bhandarkar has clearly stated that his film is not based on any actress, yet there are n numbers of stories coming up, time and again.
Talking to a news channel, Kareena Kapoor makes it clear to everybody that ‘Heroine’ is a completely different movie and is neither based on Aishwarya nor Manisha.
Kareena further tells that, the story is a fiction and is written by Madhur himself. She also tells that, it is not the heroine or her clothes and glamour that the tale is based upon but her mind.

Aamir’s ‘Talaash’ delays for similarity with film Kahaani!

Aamir Khan, Vidya Balan

We are all aware that Aamir Khan’s film Talaash has been postponed and will now hit theaters in November, this year. We will tell you why the movie has been postponed.
Rumors were that since Aamir is busy with his forthcoming television show, the movie has been postponed. But the actual reason is something else.
It is heard that ‘Talaash’s’ story is very similar to that of Vidya Balan’s recently released hit film ‘Kahaani’. Directed by Reema Kagti, Talaash is a story of a cop, who is in search of a person gone missing. Well, ‘Kahaani’ is also on similar lines.
It is also heard that the climax of Kahaani and Talaash is almost the same. So now, Aamir has decided to re-shoot the climax.
Well, now you know the reason.

Moody Salman sacks Dabangg 2’s cinematographer!

Pleasing Salman Khan is not as easy as it seems. The superstar is presently working on Dabangg 2. It’s been just three day now, that the movie went on floors and the film’s cinematographer Senthil Kumar has been sacked. The megastar is not very impressed with the cinematographer’s style of work.
Senthil is a well known personality down South.
Aseem, the cinematographer of ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ has now replaced Senthil. Salman Khan likes the way Aseem works and feels that the duo compliments each other.
If reports are true, Salman and Senthil parted on a friendly note.

Film Chaar Din Ki Chandni Review

Director Samir Karnik’s Yamla Pagla Deewana last year was a laugh fest. The director, who is back with another comedy named Char Din Ki Chandni was expected to take his charms to next level. But his weak script and dialogues ruin the beauty of stalwarts' performances in the movie.

Chaar Din Ki Chandni movie is a comedy laced with romance and is set against the backdrop of Rajasthan at a four-day wedding. It revolves around a Rajput family and a family from Punjab, who are caught in a situation, which creates a comedy of errors. The film has nothing much to boast about, except the performances of the lead actors. There is lot more to talk about drawbacks in the movie.

The biggest drawback of the film that is it lacks a good story. It glorifies a tiny subject into a full-fledged drama. Secondly, it lacks freshness and it looks like old wine in new bottle. The music of the film is another big let down in the film. Kabir Lal's camera work and Mukesh Thakur's editing are good in parts.

Maharaja CV Singh (Anupam Kher) has five sons and Veer (Tusshar Kapoor), who is only educated guy in his film, is perusing his studies in London. He comes to home to attend his sister's wedding and he brings his girlfriend Chandini, Kulraj Randhawa, who he is in love with at his mansion in Jodhpur. But the troubles start when he introduces her as journalist who is interested in covering his sister’s royal wedding. Whether Veer announces his love before his daddu or not will form the crux of the film.

The best part of the movie is the wonderful acting by various actors. Lead stars Tusshar Kapoor and Kulraj Randhawa have delivered brilliant performances. Anupam Kher has also given a flawless acting. Om Puri, Farida Jalal, Mukul Dev, Sushant Singh, Chandrachur Singh, Harish, Johny Lever and Anita Raaj are also good in their respectively roles.

On the whole, Chaar Din Ki Chandni is an enjoyable and entertaining fare and will pick up on the strength of positive mouth publicity.

Film Kahaani Review

Vidya Balan’s Kahaani was being awaited much. After watching her wonderful performance in the super hit ‘The Dirty Picture’, people were simply crazy to watch her next movie. Prior to the release, the expectations from Balan’s fans and the moviegoers were high and she as well as the movie too live up to those expectations appropriately.
Sujoy Ghosh returns with this product and his re-entry is welcomed by the audiences. The luminous filmmaker enticed the viewers with his unique subject in Jhankar Beats and the film did well among the audiences. But he could not raise the spirits of the cinema lovers with other flicks – Home Delivery and Aladin. Now he makes comeback with the recent released ‘Kahaani’. The movie’s promotion was done handsomely and Sujoy took the advantage of Vidya Balan’s current worth in the industry and among the viewers post the brilliantly successful The Dirty Picture. There is no doubt that Ghosh’s Kahaani is taking the positive edge of Vidya Balan’s magnitude and likeability. But we cannot say that Sujoy’s Kahaani is brilliant just because of the presence of Balan – no, this is not the scene at all. Ghosh’s Kahaani is a well-made, well-scripted and laced with classy performances film that is potentially a classy finished good to buy ticket for.
The tale moves in very thrilling way. Two years after a chemical attack in Kolkata’s metro railway system, in which 200 innocent people had perished, Vidya Bagchi (Vidya Balan), a pregnant woman, comes down to Kolkata to file a report for her missing husband.
While she claims that Arnab Bagchi, her software engineer-husband, had come down to Kolkata to work for the National Data Centre, and that he had stayed at a guest house in Kolkata, the police finds no evidence of her husband’s stay in Kolkata.
However, Rana (Parambrata Chattopadhyay), an assistant sub-inspector, takes interest in the case and travels with Vidya to various places in Kolkata in order to find clues that can lead them to Arnab Bagchi.
Vidya Bagchi’s search for her husband creates a flutter inside the ranks of the Intelligence Bureau, especially when she finds out about a wanted person called Milan Damji who resembles her husband. Khan (Nawazuddin Siddiqui), an Intelligence Bureau officer, is deputed to look into the case. He warns Vidya to discontinue her search and forget that anybody called Milan Damji ever existed.
In the meantime, persons whom Vidya had got in touch with during her search, are killed by an assailant. But Vidya is relentless. With Rana’s help, she discovers more details that link her husband’s disappearance to the elusive Milan Damji. When she confronts IB officer Khan with evidence, he reveals to Vidya that Milan Damji is a rogue special agent who was responsible for the chemical attack in the Kolkata metro. Soon, one thing leads to another and Rana and Vidya inch closer to finding Milan Damji.
Is Vidya able to find Milan Damji? Is she, through him, able to get to her husband, Arnab Bagchi? What had happened to him? Why is Rana helping Vidya? What is the involvement of the Intelligence Bureau in this whole case? The rest of the drama answers these questions.
The tale of Kahaani is such that it keeps the audience guessing about what is going to happen next. As such the screenplay is very engaging and entertaining. While Vidya’s character draws the audience’s sympathy, the way she goes about the search makes the audience change their opinion of her. The climax, which reveals the truth about the entire case, is shocking. Overall, the writers have done a praiseworthy job. The dialogues, by Ritesh Shah, Sutapa Sikdar and Sujoy Ghosh, are natural.
Vidya Balan is the life of the movie. She depicts the helpless yet brave pregnant woman very convincingly. Parambrata Chattopadhyay, as Rana, is a discovery. He is superb as the young cop who falls in love with Vidya. Nawazuddin Siddiqui is unforgettable as Khan. Indraneil Sengupta does a fine job. Saswata Chatterjee (as the assailant, Bob Biswas) is just wonderful. Darshan Jariwala, Dhritiman Chatterjee and others offer able support.
Sujoy Ghosh’s direction is very good. He makes the narrative engaging from the start to the end and extracts fine performances from his cast. However, his story telling style will appeal more to the city-based class audience. Vishal-Shekhar’s music is very good. Setu’s cinematography makes the nooks and crannies of Kolkata come alive. Production design, by Kaushik Das and Subrata Barik, is realistic.
Overall, Kahaani is a very good entertainer.

Paan Singh Tomar Hindi Film Review

'Paan Singh Tomar';
Star cast: Irrfan Khan, Mahie Gill;
Directed by: Tigmanshu Dhulia;

Some movies are meant to run that extra mile to go beyond being a mere cinematic experience. As we see names of real-life athletes who died unsung flash across the screen at the end of 'Paan Singh Tomar' we realize what we've just witnessed in the past 190 minutes of taut playing-time is not just movie. It's a treatise on what destiny has in store for people who do not conform to socially-acceptable definitions of success.
Definitely Irrfan Khan as Paan Singh Tomar personifies that criminal neglect of all athletes in our country barring cricketers who, as we all know by now, are grossly overvalued sportsperson.
Tomar was a steeplechase runner. Not that it made any difference to his destiny. In the army for the long innings Tomar, we are told, took voluntary retirement to look after his family and land in his native village.
This is where Dhulia's fascinating screenplay, where not a moment is squandered in self-indulgent editing, gets truly amazing. Abandoning the manageable hurdles of the steeplechase Tomar took to the gun to avenge the wrong done to his family.
The two lives of Paan Singh Tomar, in the army as a celebrated sportsperson and as an outlaw on the run in the Chambal valley (not on a horse, please!) are brought together in a stirring blend of the brilliant and the haunting.
While Dhulia's previous works suffered for the lack of a suitable budget 'Paan Singh Tomar' is technically a polished piece of cinema with the editing (Aarti Bajaj) and background score (Sandeep Chowta) adding a dimension beyond the drama of the driven athlete.
The movie is shot by cinematographer Aseem Mishra with an intriguing blend of a bleeding authenticity and a poetic resplendence. Indeed, Tigmanshu Dhulia's training as a racounteur of a tale of social injustice and damnifying outlawry, harks back to the director's association with Shekhar Kapoor's 'Bandit Queen'.
In portraying Paan Singh's leap from celebrated athlete to wanted bandit, Dhulia avoids the ostentatious brutality of the circumstances that made Phoolan Devi a social outcast. 'Paan Singh Tomar' has very little on-screen bloodshed. It's the heart that bleeds profusely and invisibly in almost every frame.
The unspoken question, why do we treat our athletes so shabbily, trails the narrative, as does the other larger question of social discrimination and the subversion of law.
Unlike other movies with a strong social message 'Paan Singh Tomar' never stops being a truly liberating cinematic experience. Of course much of the credit for the film's sledgehammer effect goes to Irrfan Khan's central performance. As Paan Singh, Irrfan is perfect. There is not a single shot in the movie that he gets wrong. He follows his character's destiny with an intuitive alertness that leaves no room for ambiguity in the interpretation of the character's complex life. And it's not just about getting the character's spoken language and body language right. Irrfan goes way beyond.
The dialogues are really cool. Comments on subordination and oppression are often laced in laughter.
The beauty of watching Irrfan transform into Tomar is the seamless leap the actor takes into the character. Irrfan is blessed with first-rate supporting actors, many of whom we haven't seen much on screen before. They add to the film's high level of authenticity by just not looking like and speaking their lines like actors.
Paan Singh Tomar is an excellent edge-of-the-seat entertainer. The synthesis of two genres-the sports film and the dacoit drama-is done with such confident ingenuity that we hardly realize when one ends, the other begins.
Overall, it is worthy to watch once.

London Paris New York Review

'London Paris New York';
Star Cast: Ali Zafar and Aditi Rao Hydari;
Writer-Director: Anu Menon;

Indeed debutante writer-director Anu Menon says a tale that has only two principal characters - He and She. And what happened to mama, papa, chacha, chachi?
Fortunately, for Anu Menon the lines that she puts into the mouths of her lead pair simply melt in their mouths. The dialogues are that could make or fake a romantic-comedy, seem to work mainly because the actors promptly absorb the words and make them their home.
Unlike other singers-turned-actors, Ali Zafar doesn't sound like a singer when he talks. He is, in fact, a big bonus in this kabhi-sassy-kabhi-glum take on that thing called love. Ali gives just that bit of extra push to the less perky scenes. His ebullience and involvement with the romantic aspect of the script seems reasonable, cautious but not over-studied.
Aditi Rao Hydari was star material from the time she stood behind Sonam Kapoor in 'Delhi 6'. Come forward, girl, take a bow as we say a collective wow. Here she comes into her own. This time she has no hot smooching scenes, no tumultuous moment to show what a bitch that thing called love can be. She manages to convey a cool coquettishness which is never stagy or annoying.
Nikhil (Ali) and Lalita (Aditi) don't seem like the kind of couple that would spend too much time in bed once they're married. And that suits the audiences’ fine.
God knows we've seen enough couples trying to sleep if not sleepwalk through romantic-comedies. The film takes the guarded, serene, low-speed lane in the highway of love. The three cities emerge as the true heroes of the plot, thanks in no small measure to veteran cinematographer Sameer Arya who lenses the three cities with the love of someone who's been there and done it all, and not on a tourist visa.
The film's main advantage is its casual non-ostentatious calm and easygoing mood. Don't look for specially-written scenes to spotlight the couple's voyage into the three phases of their life as they seek to find answers to the conundrum of the heart.
Not too many secrets on the emotion called love are unveiled in this romantic-comedy. But the going is never unprofessional. Most importantly 'London Paris New York gives us two new dependable engaging stars.
In general, it is worthy to once.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

SRK graces the Filmfare special issue – March 2012

Sonam Kapoor loves fashion for a noble cause!

Now we know why actress Sonam Kapoor is so obsessed to fashion. Well, the actress supports fashion for a cause.
“I love fashion and I love cause. I’m excited to support this event. These kind of charity events give a platform to young talent and to female entrepreneur who usually can’t display their work publicly,”
Sonam walked the ramp for ‘Design One’, an exhibition that raises funds for an NGO that works for the betterment of the lesser privileged, dressed in a khaki and green Anamika Khanna creation.
Sonam’s sense of fashion clearly shouts loud that she is a shopaholic. The actress did not deny the fact and instead said, she is very impulsive when it comes to shopping.

Bipasha is happy to buy a spacious 3BHK flat for her parents!

Bipasha Basu is one blessed actress who at last gets to have her whole family around her. We hear that the actress bought a spacious 3BHK flat in Bandra for her parents. And the best part is that she now lives just a few minutes away from them.
The happy Bipasha reveals, “Two weeks ago, we did the Satyanarayan and Grihapravesh pujas, after which they shifted into the new flat. The interiors have been designed by Ehsan Qureshi and Rajeev Acharya, who have also done up my home. My parents now live just five minutes away from Bidisha and me.”
The actress further adds, “I’ve lived alone since I was 16! In 2005, I surprised my mother with a fully furnished house. My parents shifted to Mumbai from Kolkata as as my younger sister Bijoyeta wanted to study here.”
Bipasha is very happy to have her family around her in Mumbai. “I am very happy! Though dad’s base is still in Kolkata and he keeps flying in and out of Mumbai, now my entire family lives very close to me.”

Beti B gets an original name with ‘A’ initial!

Beti B AKA Aaradhya Bachchan with Mother and Grand Father
After a long gap of four months, Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan’s daughter has finally been named.
Aaradhya Bachchan it is!
Reports have it that choti Bachchan’s formal name has also been registered.
Even before her birth, Aaradhya was famous. After her birth, she was again famous. The whole nation wanted to have a glimpse of her. They wanted to know her name. There were also several speculations about her name. At one point, Beti B was also named Abhilasha by the rumormonger.
However, all the rumors, speculations etc etc has now come to an end.
In the meantime, we are still waiting for a formal confirmation from the Bachchans, that the little one’s name is indeed Aaradhya.

Kajol graces the Filmfare- March 2012

Ranbir Kapoor romances with Anushka Sharma!

Ranbir Kapoor, Anushka Sharma

Ranbir Kapoor, Anushka Sharma
If all goes well, Anurag Kashyap’s film ‘Bombay Velvet’ will have Ranbir Kapoor play the lead, which was initially supposed to be played by Aamir Khan.
Bombay Velvet is a story about the Mumbai city and its ethos in the era of 1960s. The film’s leading man is required to play a mainstream megastar.
Anshka Sharma will be playing the leading lady in the movie. What a perfect combination, we say. This is the first time that the two will be doing a film together.
Though there is no confirmation yet from either of the actors, watching Ranbir-Anushka on screen will be a treat to the audience.

I am honest and innocent: Match fixer alleged Nupur Mehta

Bollywood actress Nupur Mehta who did a supporting role in the movie ‘Jo Bole So Nihaal’, which had Sunny Deol in the lead, is told to be involved in match-fixing in the World Cup 2011, in a match played between India and Pakistan.
The Sunday Times newspaper, a UK based one, pictured the actress wearing a green sequin bikini, with her face blurred.
“All these allegations are false. I am not involved in this I can never think about match fixing. My pictures have been used without my permission by Sunday Times,” Nupur Mehta told journalists in Mumbai.
“I am upset… I was at my home watching the match and not at Mohali during the India-Pakistan match,” she included.
Cricket and Bollywood have always gone hand-in-hand, told Nupur.
“I am honest and innocent,” concludes the actress.

Saif Ali Khan faces the black flags by local!

Saif Ali Khan

Bollywood star Saif Ali Khan’s decision to appoint a Saudi national as the caretaker of the guest houses built by the Nawabs of Bhopal for Haj pilgrims to Mecca, has backfired him. The actor was shown black flags by locals.
Saif was in the city tp watch the World Series Hockey game between Bhopal Badshahs and Delhi Wizards and also to promote his film Agent Vinod.
Arif Masood, the congress leader led the protest and threathened that ‘Agent Vinod’ will not be screened in the city, if Saif doesn’t change his decision.
“There were 45 ‘Rubaats’ of the Hyderabad Nizam in Saudi Arabia but their number came down to one after Saudi nationals were appointed as caretakers,” Arif Masood told reporters, explaining the reason for protesting the decision.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Aishwarya has no plans to return to films anytime soon: Abhishek Bachchan

Aishwarya Rai is presently playing mother to her three-and-half-month-old daughter and the actress is very happy about it. She has no plans to return to films anytime soon, tells hubby Abhishek Bachchan.
Abhishek tells at an event, “As and when she wants to come back, is completely her decision… as and when she decides, when she sees a script she is inspired by – the decision is entirely hers. Currently she is very happy doing what she is doing.”
The 36-year-old was at the launch of Sorabh Pant’s book “The Wednesday Soul”.
Abhishek Bachchan would love to act in a movie based on plays penned by young writers.
“I like to read biographies and autobiographies. But there are some wonderful plays out there that a lot of young, Indian talent is writing. I would love to do one of them,” told Abhishek Bachchan.
“I can’t decide which one. Like I said, there is a lot of interesting material being written in India, I would love to delve into that resource to come up with a film,” he included.

Vidya Balan gets a contemporary sexy makeover!

Vidya Balan has just revealed the fashionable side of her.
For the third anniversary issue of the fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar, the actress has left behind her sarees and has got herself a complete makeover, donning funky attires and variety of hairdos.
Vidya Balan wanted to do a sari yet again for the cover. However, later on, she was convinced to go in for a modern makeover.
When asked if the real Vidya Balan was far different from that on the cover, like this, the actress told, “May be in terms of appearance, but when I look at it (the photos) I see that it’s me, because I like to try out different things”.

Salman found in Katrina’s vanity van!

Salman Khan was found in Katrina Kaif’s vanity van? What is going on?
Well, nothing is going on, calm down!!
The megastar just borrowed her vanity van as his had some technical problem, while shooting for a commercial at a studio. Katrina was far away from him. Well, she was in London, romancing SRK Yash Chopra’s next movie.
What’s interesting or rather surprising is that besides the van Salman was also using Katrina’s black Audi car.

Kareena’s fake baby bump!

Madhur Bhandarkar posted, “On the sets of #Heroine, #Kareena with her very efficient team.”
But soon he squashed all speculations and posted another post: “Guys lets not speculate. Its for REEL & not real!!! Its for a scene in my film #Heroine. Its FAKE!!!”
Kareena named Mahi Arora in the movie essays a very edgy, contemporary and hard-hitting role.
Heroine is set to release on September 14.

John Abraham out on bail of Rs 20,000!

We had reported that John Abraham might have to spend fifteen days in custody, following rash driving and negligent driving in 2006. However, the Bombay High Court released the actor on bail of Rs 20,000.
John’s rash driving caused injury to two persons, following which he was convicted by the
Metropolitan Magistrate Court
at Bandra.

On October 14, 2010, the actor was sentenced to a 15-day jail term. He was granted bail the same day.
The 39-year-old model-turned-actor is currently promoting his first production project ‘Vicky Donor’, a film about sperm donors

Sunidhi Chauhan looses her heart for Hitesh Sonik!

Sunidhi Chauhan
Hitesh Sonik
News has it that singer Sunidhi Chauhan is all set to enter matrimonial bliss with promising music director Hitesh Sonik. Well, Hitesh is the guy who composed music for movies like ‘My Friend Pinto’, ‘Pyaar ka Punchnama’,and ‘Stanley ka Dabba’.
Sunidhi verified the news, “Yes it is true and we will be getting married very soon but we are yet to fix a date. Hitesh has been a music arranger first and is now a music director.”
The singer has had a failed marriage previously. She and Hitesh have been dating each other from the past one and a half years. Buzz has it that the couple is planning to tie the knot sometime next month, in Mumbai.
A source disclosed, “Sunidhi has always been very protective about her personal life. Although she was earlier married to Bobby Khan, brother of choreographer and director Ahmed Khan, she has never spoken about it in the media. Sunidhi has slowly but surely climbed the popularity charts as one of the top singers of the country. She met Hitesh professionally a couple of years back, and the two have been dating since over a year. It was only last month they finalised they would be getting married.”

Watch the latest romantic song from ‘Agent Vinod’

Here is the newest romantic number from Agent Vinod, titled “Raabta”. Well, if you are wondering what “Raabta” means, it’s an Urdu word meaning to relate or connect.
The song begins with Saif saying Kareena, “Tumahri aankhen kisi ka katl kar sakti hain..par tum kisi ka katl nahi kar sakti..You don’t have the eyes of a killer.” What a chemistry, seriously. It exactly scorches the screen.
Kareena in the song looks so very simple yet beautiful, while Saif is a born charmer. Lyrics by Amitabh Bhattacharya, music by Pritam and sung by Arijit Singh, the song has previously become a big hit among music lovers.

The dietitian has a tough time tackling Sonam Kapoor!

Bollywood fashionista Sonam Kapoor, is a big time foodie. She merely can’t resist food. Her life revolves around it.
“My whole life revolves around food. While having breakfast I think what I should have for lunch while having lunch I think what I should eat for dinner,” Sonam said. The actress unveiled “Wassup! Andheri”, a three-day art and entertainment festival in the Andheri suburb.
This alluring Punjabi kudi loves to feed people. She told, “I am a Punjabi and the whole point is I love feeding people and I love getting fed.”
Sonam before joing films weighed 80 Kgs. She had to shed oodles of it before she starred in Sanjay Leela Bhansli’s “Saawariyan”.
It is heard that her dietitian has a tough time tackling Sonam.
“My dietician has been working on me for quite some time and she has been unsuccessful,” the 26-year-old told.

Half Naked Vidya Balan sizzles the cover of FHM India- March 2012!

Watch the latest song from Housefull 2

Madhuri gives a pose with her waxed statue at Madame Tussauds!

Madhuri Dixit, Waxed at Madame Tussauds
The super eye-catching Madhuri Dixit Nene unveiled her wax statue, at Madame Tussauds. She becomes the sixth Bollywood celebrity to proudly stand at the historic museum.
The 44-year-old actor was very thrilled to be a part of the museum.
“I am thrilled to be here in Madame Tussauds unveiling a wax figure of myself. It’s incredible just how detailed the figure is – they have captured my look beautifully! I feel very humbled to be included alongside other Bollywood stars and some of my personal heroes,” she told.
Madhuri was thoroughly involved in the entire creation process. The actress also gave away a saree which her wax statue is wearing. The figure was completed in four months and costed USD 150,000.
“We’re delighted to welcome Madhuri (and her family) here today and to be including her figures in our A-list line-up. We know Bollywood fans will also be delighted; we have been inundated with requests to make Madhuri’s figure and we hope they agree it is a wonderful likeness.”
“With so many awards to her name and a career spanning over 25 years she undoubtedly deserves her place here at Madame Tussauds London,” told Liz Edwards, PR Manager at Madame Tussauds.

Ex-couple Salman-Katrina’s magical chemistry!

Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif
After a long break of four years, we will see Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif share screen space opposite each other in their forthcoming film, Ek Tha Tiger, directed by Kabir Khan.
The director is very overwhelmed with the chemistry the duo share in the movie. He tells, Kats and Salman, together look magical on screen.
“Salman Khan and Katrina are wonderful together, they are magical. Once you see them on screen, you will know how magical there chemistry is,” Kabir Khan told.
Khan added, “We have shot 90 percent of the film. Rest 10 percent will be shot soon. I can’t reveal where we will be shooting our last schedule though. The film is almost ready for the August Eid release.”
Well, ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ has an item number, now that item songs play an important role in film, Kabir told, “There might be. I can’t talk too much about it at the moment.”

Chillar Party team wins 3 National Awards!

Salman with Chillar Party Team
Salman Khan’s film ‘Chillar Party’, won not just one but as much as 3 awards at the 59th National Awards announced in New Delhi on Wednesday. Directed by Nitesh Tiwari and Vikas Bahl, the film starred a number of child artists. The tale is about a street waif and a dog who befriend the school-going kids of a housing society.
Besides winning the ‘best children’s film’, the movie also won the prestigious award for the best original screenplay for writers Nitesh Tiwari, Vijay Maurya and Vikas Bahl.
Vikas told, “Salim Uncle, Rajkumar Hirani Sir, Salman Khan, Ranbir Kapoor and Sohail’s conviction in Chillar Party paid off! I was waiting for an opportunity like this when I could thank them for their generosity and love. Now its time to celebrate with my dog who’s love made me make this film.”
Hearty congratulations to the whole team!!

Jacqueline Fernandez sizzles on the cover of Verve India – March 2012

Priyanka offers prayers to Ajmer Sharif for her cancer diagnosed father!

Priyanka Chopra at Ajmer Sharif Dargah of Sufi saint Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti

Priyanka with father Ashok Chopra
If news is to go by, Priyanka Chopra’s father was diagnosed with cancer in 2009. He underwent treatment and was recuperating quite well. But now, the problem seems to have come back.
Priyanka is said to be flying down to Ajmer Sharif to offer a special prayer for her ailing dad. She is also spending quality time with him.
The actress who was in Hyderabad for the shooting of Krrish 3, she had to juggle between Hyderabad and Darjeeling for the shooting of Barfi, as well.
“Dr Chopra had flown down to Darjeeling to spend time with Priyanka. Father and daughter are very close to each other,” told the source.
We wish Priyanka’s dad a fast recovery. Hope Priyanka’s prayers are answered…

Vidya Balan – the new Best Actress National Award winner!

Vidya Balan is unquestionably on a cloud nine nowadays. She has won the best actress award at almost all the award events, for her awesome performance in ‘The Dirty Picture’. The newest is that Vidya has won the National Award too, for the same film.
The announcement of the 59th National Awards was made in New Delhi just a few hours ago.
The actress indisputably deserves the award.
Vidya Balan has won the Filmfare Award, Zee-Cine Award, Stardust Award and Apsara Award for ‘The Dirty Picture’. In other words, she has just killed the competition at the awards this year.
Director Onir’s film ‘I AM’ wins a National Award for the best Hindi film, while Amitabh Bhattacharya won the best lyrics award for the song “Agar Zindagi” in the film, Girish Kulkarni wins the National award for best actor for his performance in the Marathi film ‘Deool’.