Thursday, 5 February 2015

Debut of British born actor Sandeep Singh in film Honour Killing!

Most anticipating film Honour Killings features the debut of a budding 28-year-old actor from London, Sandeep Singh in lead role. 

The young lead actor is British born Sandeep Singh. He had to travel to Mumbai for professional training in Bollywood techniques. 

Sandeep adds, "A Bollywood hero always has to have all the elements... to sing, dance, move around and fight. He has to be very expressive and show emotions, which makes the role challenging." 

Director Avtar Bhogal wants new young face for lead in Honour Killings and his search ends on British born actor Sandeep Singh.
The film Honour Killing is set to release on 27th February 2015 in England and Pakistan.

Salman Khan in Father’s shoes for 'Kick' sequel!

Salman Khan may have chosen the path of acting, but being his father's son, it's not astonishing that the actor has starting writing a script. His father Salim Khan, has co-written blockbusters like Deewaar, Sholay and Trishul among many others. We hear that Salman has hit upon an idea for the sequel to Kick and has already started working on the same.

Obviously, the actor has a lot of commitments at the moment, including Kabir Khan's Bajrangi Bhaijaan, but this has not stopped him from discussing the idea with close friends including Kick director Sajid Nadiadwala. This will be Salman's second script after he penned Veer in 2010.

Huma Qureshi refuses to be the showstopper at India’s first-ever condom fashion show!

That’s correctly what Badlapur actress Huma Qureshi did when she decided to play the role of a prostitute named Jhimli in the upcoming Varun Dhawan-Nawazuddin Siddiqui starrer but refused to be the showstopper at India’s first-ever condom fashion show held last week (just days before the release of the film).

It is whispered that Huma had been approached by a youth club but refused to be part of the show that promoted the use of condoms amongst youngsters. Her managers left the organizers hanging for several days but didn’t confirm her participation. Finally it turned out that Huma was wary of the repercussions of her being a condom fashion showstopper! She feared backlash from certain old-fashioned sections of society. The organizers were ready to pay her more money and even offered to give her a Neeta Lulla Design Institute haute couture creation devoid of any condoms! But Huma refused to play ball.

It seems the organizers’ first choice was Lisa Haydon but the leggy actress (though interested) was travelling and informed that she would reach Mumbai very late on the day of the fashion show. The organizers also approached Akshara Hasan of Shamitabh fame. Though Akshara’s image managers were keen, she was ruled out because she was busy travelling to promote her movie in other cities. The organizers then approached Sonali Raut of Bigg Boss fame but later realized that she had done a sensational bare-dare act for a rival condom brand with actor Ranveer Singh.

But Sonali decided to play the part and was rather keen to be a showstopper on the eve of the grand finale of Bigg Boss where Karishma Tanna was ruling the roost. Finally, Mugdha Godse of Fashion fame stepped in and did the honors.

Twinkle thinks AIB’s script does not match the performance!

Never before has a motley group of standup comedians stirred a national wide debate for their comic pranks. AIB’s Roast knockout session with Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor and Karan Johar incensed the moral brigade and then government so much so that AIB folks started feeling the heat. Not to forget the 3 am call from Salman Khan which seemingly had Tanmay Bhat sh**ing in his pants. But it won’t be too wrong to say that controversy has given AIB extraordinary mileage.

But, in a sudden twist rumors suggest that the script of AIB Roast that was submitted for approval by the event management company OLM was totally different from the one used in the show.

The state cultural board secretary Dilip Waghmare was quoted telling that the script used in the telecast and the one submitted for approval were different and that a report on the same has been forwarded to the cultural affairs director.

Remarking on the same was Akshay Kumar’s wife, Twinkle Khanna posted:

“Only problem for #AIBRoast is if their submitted script does not match the performance-that sets a bad precedent for someone to misuse”.